The Critics Love EGOs #3

"EGOs remains at the top of this reviewer’s reading list each month. As demonstrated yet again in issue #3, this is a phenomenal series with great story and writing, wonderful characters, and spectacular artwork. If you’re looking for an epic sci-fi tale with action, sincerity and humor, look no further than EGOs."

-Joey Caswell, All-Comic

"What we have in our hands is a slightly heavy handed but compelling opus that perfectly suits the formation of a new team."

-Harrison Rawdin, Unleash the Fanboy

"EGOs is a refreshing mix of super hero and sci-fi that takes us deep into space and introduces a new world for our imaginations to travel to."

-Shane Hoffman, Big Comic Page

You Still Love EGOs

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Meanwhile, pardon our pride as we bathe in the incredible praise for EGOs, like Scrooge McDuck in his money bin:

“Pairing casual, inviting narration with a quickly paced story balancing action and exposition makes this a highly entertaining and accessible debut, and that final twist boosts the momentum into overdrives to promise a thrilling journey ahead.”

            - Oliver Sava & Matt D. Wilson, The A.V. Club

“An entertaining story that leaves me wanting more… A solid debut that introduces a nice cast, a solid villain, and a lot of questions that I’m more than willing to continue to read.”

            -Patrick Hayes, SciFi Pulse

“Moore and Storms have created an immediately interesting comic book with potentially intriguing characters in what I hope will continue to be an interesting and original story.”

            -Ian Simpson, Geek Syndicate

“By the end of this first issue, you are left with a decent understanding of the past; a general direction moving forward; and a feel for the characters.   From what I’ve read, there is sure to be plenty of death, action and adventure−hopefully in that order. Final words: I dig it.”

            -jEZ, First Comics News

“The first issue was a pacey, stimulating little package that sits very nicely alongside other Image titles such as Manhattan Projects, Jupiter’s Legacy and Prophet. If it maintains its quality, it deserves to do well.”

            -Tom Murphy, Full-Page Bleed

EGOs #1 isn’t a perfect book, but it is ambitious. It is a superhero sci-fi space opera in a semi-dystopian future, and instead of being a mess, it is actually pretty cool…Give it a shot.”

            -Crisis on Infinite Midlives

“A fun trip into the future of super science and dimension hopping. Moore has written an engaging and witty intro into this new world. Artist Gus Storms does an excellent job with his layouts and pacing. He has a simple, scratchy style reminiscent of Nick Pitarra’s work on The Manhattan Projects. For his first comic book work, not too shabby at all.”

            -Guy Copes III, God Hates Geeks

EGOs #1 is gearing up to be something that requires total commitment on the part of the reader, but the reward will be well worth it.”

            -Jonathan Pilley, Omnicomic



Stuart Moore might be one of the most important people in comics since the 1990’s. He was at the founding of Vertigo, shepherding some of the most profound, thoughtful, and wonderful comics of the modern era. After a solid run there, he moved over to a still in the dumps Marvel to help run the…

This is entirely too nice and made me into a weepy man. Thanks, Josh. Everybody read Josh Fialkov’s fine comics, including The Bunker and the brand-new Skyman from Dark Horse.

You Love EGOs!

And we love you! The response to issue #1 has been simply stunning; we are beyond overwhelmed—we are uber-whelmed. Here’s a sample of what the reviewers are saying:

“Stuart Moore and Gus Storms’ EGOs #1 is ballsy and super fun with plenty of edge as it takes superheroes and sci-fi, grabs them by the lapels and throws them out on the street, but all in love. This is a great mix of superheroes and sci-fi that feels smart and new and I cannot wait to see where they go from here.”

            -Kelly Thompson, Comic Book Resources (5 star review)

“EGOs is an ambitious sci-fi story. There is a lot going on, but the story is unlike anything I am reading right now. The characters and their relationships are funny and entertaining. The villain is powerful and a real threat to the universe. This comic has all the elements that any sci-fi fan would want in one book.”

            -Victor Rojas, Eat Geek Play

“EGOs has to be the nicest surprise for me this week. It’s a fun yet weighty beginning to an adventure that will undoubtedly explore an aging hero’s tenuous grasp of relevance and respectability, his willingness to justify ends over means and what that will hold for a universe under the threat of truly cosmic peril, all brought to life visually by a very talented relative newcomer.”

            -Steve Paugh, Comic Bastards

“Moore’s script is evenly balance with characterization, mystery, and action to make this series’ debut a strong one. Newcomer artist Gus Storms’ cartoony style is fits this sci-fi story well; his characters are full of emotion and his pencils have a quirky, fun look.”

            - Chris Romero, Geeks Unleashed

“Image seems to be firing on all cylinders lately with what feels like an exciting new series getting launched each and every month.  EGOs continues that trend with a first issue that’s extremely entertaining and takes you in a direction at the end that I just didn’t see coming.”

            -Shawn Hoklas, Comic Spectrum

“The first issue gets off to a nice start and lays the foundation for a really interesting story. Both solid story and art that brings back a really good science fiction story in comics. Recommended.”

            -Steven Howearth, Pop Culture Maven

“I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the engaging beginning to a hopefully fantastic series…Bring on issue two!”

            -Alex Rupp, Nothing But Comics

“Get to your shop now if you haven’t already and pick up EGOs #1. It has a fantastic story delivered through pitch-perfect writing and magnificent artwork from a great new industry talent.”

            -Joey Caswell, All-Comic

"An intelligent sci-fi comic with superhero overtones, realistic characters and more creativity than it knows what to do with, EGOs is going to be an extremely interesting read over the next couple of issues, and I for one can’t wait to see where this particular story is headed."

            -Craig Neilson, Big Comic Page

EGOs is available at your local comic shop. If you prefer your comics on post-physical luminous pixel devices, EGOs can also be purchased digitally from these sources:


            Amazon Kindle

            Image (several different DRM-free formats available)